So who wants to hear what I’ll be up to next???

My feelings on this subject are: “what fun is the journey if you can’t share the excitement along the way!” Too many times we hide things and let them stay in the shadows for all the wrong reasons. I’m excited about this next part of my life; the new chapters, the new beginnings, the new obstacles and most of all, the new growth.

So here it is. I’m starting another bakery! A beautiful, elegant, classy, whimsical, cheeky, and downright delicious bakery in Vancouver B.C. I will be specializing in all things sweet and through this journey I will be posting pictures and blogs every step of the way. Finding the right location, recipe testing until I can’t eat any more desserts, bloopers cause we all love the bloopers and just about everything that makes this experience a memorable one.

Opening my last bakery the major element that was missing for me was my family. I imagined them coming into the bakery, having coffee with me, buying desserts for weekend gatherings and basically just being around all the time. Well the only problem was that I opened a bakery in a city far far away from them. Now sometimes we get an idea in our head and have this dream of how it will turn out but in reality the dream was just physically impossible. I’ve learned my lesson; I’ve figured this glitch out..I moved home!

Glad to be home Vancouver! XO

One Comment on “Next stop…Vancouver!

  1. I can not wait to have the whole family together for the opening of your new adventure. I know it will be such a warm, welcoming place for all and the yummy aromas coming from your kitchen will mesmerize the surrounding area. Can’t wait for it to open!


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