…my first business and the dream of opening something ‘sweet’ has come true.

This bakery opened in February 2013, the day after Valentines day on a quiet little street in Montreal.  Before this idea was formed I had not stepped foot onto Montreal soil. I’d heard how beautiful it was, heard that you had to see it at Christmas time because Montrealers really know how to put up those lights and I’d heard of the food scene. Oh the food scene! One of the most amazing things that I’ve experienced about living in Montreal over the past three years is the food scene. It’s like a family. A family of amazing chefs. There is so much talent that the stakes are that much higher so you just have to be that much better.

This bakery specializes in pies, mini pies to be exact. The menu changes 4 times a year with the seasons and the flavours that are available. On display daily are close to 14 different flavoured  2″ pies to choose from as well as their 10″ counter part and unlimited bars, cookies and meringues. The shelves are stocked with homemade marshmallows, granola, nut brittles and caramel corn. Walking into the bakery there is no denying that we bake all day long and everything is as fresh as can be. It smells of butter, cinnamon, coconut and carameled sugar.  When we make caramel corn you can smell the popcorn from down the street because we pop every kernel ourselves!!

Inspiration coming from my mother and grandmother makes putting love into everything we make here not a hard thing to do. For me it brings back great memories of watching my mother bake when I was younger. I say ‘watch’ because I was NOT interested in the baking process, just the eating process 🙂 I would lick the beaters every time, no problem, not missing that! Oh my how things change…😉

I am so thankful to the pie lovers of Montreal for wrapping their food loving hands around us and making it a success. We love pie!

(Since this post, I have now moved on as a partner in this business and will be opening something new and exciting in Vancouver BC very soon)

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